Why femininity needs Jesus

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 If femininity were only about the motions, the pretty, the delicate and soft then, there would be no need for Jesus right? Unfortunately most of history’s most iconic women are those who didn’t know Jesus, they held up a godless standard of femininity. And although Audrey Hepburn was a beautiful and kind-hearted women; humanitarian femininity is no substitute.

Femininity is a responder, and was created to be an immediate image of the bride of Christ, which in turn is visualized and represented in the man. Our hearts were made to respond and love faithfully, to give our all for that, is there any wonder why we girls seem to be known for our emotions, our love of romance? It is the essence of femininity, if you will. We are all a Juliet, truly, with a void inside, made for our love and without that void being filled… we die. It’s a sort of Rome/Juliet epidemic. Yet, the world’s version of ultimate femininity fills this void with an earthly Romeo, it’s where we become a culture wherein girls are obsessed with finding their man, having an amazing romance and living happily ever after…. and I assure you, this image of happily ever after holds no room for the lifestyle of the cross, yes- that lifestyle that Jesus has asked us to live.

I have to say, that my idea of an earthly romance has changed a lot, even in this past year. Yet, never in my life have I felt so satisfied with Christ, happy to live however He will whether that eventually be married or single. I already said that femininity is to represent the Bride of Christ, and in the new Testament we have a clear vision that the church as the bride loves Him because He first loved her, and thus she does take up the cross and follow Him, giving her life and all. We ladies, as Christians and as a personal image representing that bride are to take this role seriously, if Christ is not our first love we will not ever know what it is to truly love, to truly be faithful or give our life for another. Any romance that is not Christ focused and God written is selfish and not what femininity was made for, and Juliet, though she did died perhaps in the name of love, was entirely in it for herself.

There is a void in our heart, made for our first love, and it must be Christ; our lives aren’t about now, and we must realize this. Even in the church we have girls that separate the concept of romance from the concept of us as the Bride of Christ, no wonder we struggle with purity, with focus and contentment. This is where femininity becomes something we do in getting dressed, in applying makeup and how we look; yet if only we realized that true femininity is right there alongside Jesus, taking up the cross and following Him doesn’t that say something about what earthly romance would look like? Perhaps, taking up the cross and alongside the man you marry, living in the lifestyle of the cross? One of my favourite examples of this is the story of Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand, maybe I’ll be able to share their story, in an upcoming post sometime, it is what I feel is one of the richest example s of what masculinity and femininity are meant to be.

Choose Jesus, and never look back; He is sufficient and He alone can satisfy, in Him we have all we need for life and godliness; and that is a promise! Please, I’d love to know your thoughts 🙂

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    • Kate says:

      Hey Sharon, I’ll try inviting you as a subscriber, and let me know how it goes! Thank-you for letting me know 🙂

  1. whatdinnywore says:

    Well said, sister! Thank you for this inspiring post. True love is not about getting, but rather giving 1 Corinthians 13 love. Without Christ, impossible. With Christ, the only reasonable life. May God help us to be truly feminine and love Christ above all else.

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