What are we Living for?

Hey girls!

I was just thinking lately, about ministry and blogging. This is something that I had felt called to since I was fifteen, and although it’s something I love, it’s a challenge and truly a huge responsibility. I don’t believe I realized the weight of it when I first started, and I think most Christian bloggers don’t. For one thing, I want to be careful, that I have integrity and actually live what I talk about.  I want to keep this Christ centered; one of the worst things I could do is show you how to live a Christian lifestyle, rather than point you to the One by whom you will live rightly, as an outflow of your relationship with Him. Really, it’s not about living right, not even  about living Biblically. I think a mistake that we’ve seen the Christian/homeschool movement make (and please don’t misunderstand me) is that we have developed a Christian lifestyle, we have found out the way to live a good solid and thriving Christian life here. We use the Bible as our map, and hopefully others observe our great witness and thereby find Christ. I feel this burden, that life isn’t about the ‘good Christian’ life, it’s not a lifestyle, and I might even dare to add that the Old Testament is not a good blue-print to settle in and live Biblically.

So do I suggest we throw it all to the wind? No! I believe that what will be different, mostly, is the mindset. Do I live to please God or do I live because of Him, literally giving my life to be expended at any cost for His glory? Why did God keep us Christians around here anyway?

Go and make disciples- share the good news, and don’t hold back. What are Christians here for but to reveal Christ, to take up the Cross and follow Him? Somehow, when I look at the cross, I don’t really see the perfect capitalist/conservative lifestyle; I don’t live here to be successful!  My biggest regret is that I thought I could live a Christian lifestyle, pleasing God and yet simply assume that was enough, and others would see my witness and feel drawn to Christ.

To prove our allegiance to Christ- we have the opportunity to give our life for His glory, choosing Him in life and in death. Jesus is coming soon, yet do we live like it? One way I test my focus in this area, is: what am I willing to give up- joyfully? Am I trying to show God how I want to live, giving Him an idea of what to do with my life? It can be so hard when I think of what I might lose, what I may have to give up, or what I may end up doing, wasn’t living well for Christ enough? The cross isn’t only a means of our salvation, it’s a pattern of what our lives will be, yet by His grace we have the Almighty God in us, to live the impossible life.

I hope this post will challenge you today, to take a closer look at your life, your plans and motives; I encourage you to make Christ your first love, and focusing on Him will give a delight and a joy… where all we want is to follow Jesus, making Him truly our all in All.


Yours humbly,


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