Waiting on God

I think this is a topic that everyone may be thinking about in whatever stage of life they are in. We all have expectations and hopes. What is waiting anyhow? I love how the Webster’s 1828 has two definitions for this:

WAITING: participle present tense Staying in expectation.


WAITING ON: attending; accompanying; serving.

Often you’ll hear in Christian circles the ‘waiting on God’ phrase. Could be waiting for a job, for a relationship, for answers etc. in any case, which “waiting” is it that we mean?

The first waiting: staying in expectation isn’t what God has called us to. We as Christians are people of action. Whatever God has put before you to do now is what our action is about. That action could be simple prayer which really is no small thing.  Whether that be serving your family, doing school, volunteering ,accepting that job offer, or maybe God is calling you into a relationship.

God’s people have a distinct history of callings; bringing a message of hope to cruel captors, saving a people from extinction, bringing children over mountains to safety. Maybe even sharing the gospel with the guard whose tortured you for years, in the prison that’s become your home.  Reflecting on that, it’s often a saving action, if our actions are results of God’s heart, working through us, how could it not be?

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In my prayer time and quiet moments lately I have been challenged to change my way of thinking; to not wait for God but to wait on God. To serve Him and act on the command He’s given me, not sit in expectation for the one I might want. Even so, when God promises, He is faithful to the end and will bring it to completion, and praying about our desires isn’t wrong, it is really a matter of the heart’s motives. Personally I find that one of the most lovely things in life is to have God promise something or to desire something, to pray about it and see that fulfilled, yet let us not waste the moments between now and then. Sometimes I reflect on the past where something like this has happened and then I know that  can trust God with my whole life; past, present and future.

“He who calls you is faithful; he will surely do it.”

1 Thessalonians 5:24

Know that I pray for you all <3

God Bless,