Thoughts on Singlehood

Hello Friends!

February is one of my favourite months, it always has been. With this month being the Valentine month, I thought I might write a few thoughts on being a single girl… God has plans for all of us, but if it is His will for me to be single today, then I’d better do it zealously!

Wherever you are, be all there! Live to the hilt every situation you believe to be the will of God.”

– Jim Elliot

 May I just clarify; I am in no-way an expert on this- haha, far from it. However, I hope to find purpose and joy in the task God has given to me today, I want to be the one who encourages you to live life in Christ, with passion… not pining! I have so much to learn, and words are so much easier than action. * sigh *

 It’s easy sometimes to look at younger girls and think ‘what do they worry about… she’s so young!’ when in fact, being a discontent single really isn’t about how old you are, or what situation your in. It’s a choice of focus- living in Christ or living in our desired romance novel. Believe me, I’ve over-heard five year old girls discussing such things so, this topic is something all girls can relate to in some way.

The Single Girl I want to be Today

  1. DELIGHT in the One who created me, without this, any short-lived happiness has no purpose… and therefore any passion for it will either diminish or become an idol. Live in eternity right now, don’t wait till your life here is over.

  2. Purposeful & Productive To find joy in the work I do, and do it well. Here’s a quote that I’ve recently heard, and it so encourages me!

    Everything that God gives you to do is work”

    Now, don’t assume that life has officially become a huge burden, but rather this means that cleaning the dishes can be done the same way you enjoy reading a book or hanging out with friends. They are both done with joyful purpose and you are ‘all there’.

  3. A Girl who invests in relationships; I want to be a girl who’s love is not a self-gratifying one, but rather one that loves my family.

  4. A godly friend to girls & guys alike: To be an encouragement, to inspire those around me to a deeper and fuller Christian walk. Towards guys, I want to be a sister in Christ, not shunning them, and certainly not obsessing either. To be genuine, kind and appropriate.

  1. Just Keep Learning! Now is a great time to learn, exchange the novels for books that will help you grow! Take a course, read, maybe try a new instrument. Concerning study; Jenny and I are enjoying an evangelism course & French 🙂

  2. Minister to those around me, reach out and fill the empty space. Flexibility is a gift that most singles have, and it’s a gift we can give back to God, as we use it to bless others.

  3. Develop new skills/ and gifts – If God has given you the time and place to learn something, or He’s given you some talent, don’t bury it! Use it to bring Him glory and develop it.

  4. Embraces femininity- The ‘I don’t need a man! I can do it myself!’ mentality is crippling to the girl who wants to be a Biblical woman. It’s not about who’s better, femininity is a role to embrace. Learn to relish and cultivate it! Yes, I love being a woman; discover the blue-print for femininity in God’s Word- after all, doesn’t he Creator of women know what a woman ought to be?

  5. Be ready to Share the Gospel

    Why are so few people coming into the Kingdom? I will tell you- there is not a definite effort put forth to persuade a definite person to decide a definite Savior at a definite time and that definite time is now” – Billy Sunday

 Hope you all are encouraged; writing this post has helped remind me of priorities I not only want to share, but actually live! It should keep me busy too! God Bless,


4 thoughts on “Thoughts on Singlehood

  1. Natalie says:

    Lovely post Kathleen! My mind has been on this topic a bit lately as well, and I whole heartedly agree with everything you said! Thanks for the post!

  2. Leona says:

    Thank you for the many helpful tips! This was so true, and I definitely think it applies to all unmarried young ladies, especially those who are daughters-at-home. 😉

    • Kate says:

      Thank-you for your encouragement! I’ve has such a blessing in older sisters who have modelled this for me, and I’m very grateful for that!

      • Leona says:

        That would be a great blessing! I’m grateful that you took the time to share what you have learned to those who maybe have no older sisters to learn from. 🙂

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