The 21st Century Woman

 The iconic 2020’s woman- who is she? I know we haven’t reached that year yet, but just think- that time only starts next year! Millennials, Generation Z and the Alpha Generation are all the young and up-coming. We are the present, we are shaping the future, and our generation will represents that iconic woman. I would also venture to say that when the world looks back in time to the ‘iconic woman’ of our age, they probably won’t see those of us who are living set-apart; even so: What mark will Christianity leave, if any? Will people see a generation of compromise? Of outlandish aliens? Distracted, un-involved ‘Christian girls’, or maybe a bunch of Jane Austen copy-cats?

Right now what I observe being poured out for the average girl, and the Christian girl (unfortunately) are pep-talks about self-love, finding your dreams, peace, etc. There are also some great words mixed up in there like grace, healing, believe, & love. These are all great things, but it’s been said that women of the 21st Century are the most self focused in history.

We shape our identity through learning and relating – through books, movies, friends and work. Well where do we score there? Movies and TV are increasingly violent, explicit, and R-rated. We excuse it or think we can filter the bad stuff out…Romance and Self-help are top-selling for American women. We’ve forgotten what it means to have friendships that challenge one another to growth. The world is set up for another wave of self-absorbed women who unknowingly starve masculinity, deface femininity and run over the potential for escape from this degenerating cycle.

Yes, I hope you are getting concerned if not upset over this; the future this lends to is, to say the least, pathetic. Just because we no longer live where there are knights, ladies and castles with grand tales, doesn’t mean that valour & purpose are gone. Just because we are girls doesn’t mean we get to sit back and tell the guys to get moving. And no, feminist responses are not helping the situation, rather I say that they are crippling the extraordinary and world changing impact that we can have as men and women.

What can we do, where did we lose track?

“ Where there is no vision the people perish….” – Proverbs 29:18

 This verse, I believe is talking about the chaos and failure of a society that leaves God’s design and moral structure. It’s interesting how society really does thrive on the Judaeo-Christian ethic. This structure comes as a result of Christians living in victory, in their walk with God; it goes from the inward cleansing to the outward living. The resulting out-flow of our lives in Christ is world impacting.

I would venture to say that we lost track when we lost view of the cross, when we found delight in our own way of life, when the rebel became cool, and when women lost their femininity & men their masculinity. There is no real femininity or masculinity outside of God’s intent & design for out lives.

So now our wounded iconic femininity is limping, she is waking up to the fact that she is a woman, yet she’s lost sight of her purpose – because she lost sight of God. Trying to patch up what’s missing with talent, beauty and smarts and she’s still dying inside. Purposeless, intellectually confused and/or starved, she doesn’t even know what femininity or womanhood means. Does it have to compete with masculinity? Does it look like the 50’s typical housewife, Marilyn Monroe, or today’s Emma Watson?

“Man was not created for the woman but woman for man” – 1 Corinthians 11:9

God has given mankind a purpose to build the kingdom, to have dominion and stewardship. We girls have, for the large part, a supporting role in this. Because our role is supportive, we have to take out eyes off of ourselves and turn outward. Healing and grace are good, but don’t allow the typical pep talk to make you at “peace” so to say, with the mediocre. Learn how to filter what is actually of the Spirit, moving you forward and in victory.

Redefining the 21st Century Woman

  1. Live in Christ; it’s not as easy as it sounds, and to really live in Christ you have to know Christ. For me I find one of the hardest aspects is realizing that I am in the world but not of it. Meaning that yes, the modesty/fashion topic we’ve been spanning is important, but that is not a primary focus. It must be taken seriously but I need to keep Christ my focus. Sometimes I even need to let things go, for this to happen. I may end up leaving those self-help books alone so that I can find and know Christ, maybe without all the charisma and smarts that those books have to offer. Yet if I live in Christ my mission is complete, I won’t have to go through dozens of books helping me figure out who I am and my God-given mission. Christ is my purpose, my future and identity.

  2. Take a good look at what is ‘shaping’ your character, e.g. Magazines, music, books, movies, friendship patterns, etc. Choose carefully what you will allow to stay, what will have to change or what must go altogether. God’s word reminds us that out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks. In my experience it is more than just our words that reflect what we are pouring into our minds and developing in our hearts.

  3. Embrace Biblical femininity and seek out it’s purpose. Living Biblical as a woman does reach further than what is specific to girls as well. We have responsibilities that are common to mankind, but we can go at them with an approach that the guys would do differently. For example, I am a firm believer that men and women alike have a political responsibility, and quite frankly I love politics, and the idea of political activism energizes me, but the way I’d go about that would be probably (hopefully) different than how our masculine counterparts would. My role would involve more of the supportive advocate role, whereas a guy may or may not be the leader. Biblical living goes more than just the specific feminine or masculine aspects, and it ventures into more than politics as well. In any case searching out the scriptures for practical application and direction for this can be helpful. Especially when we are living counter-culture, and revolutionizing the mediocre.

  4. Turn outward; Ah! I this is so convicting, because it is so easy to say and yet so easy to miss in the day to day schedule and life. I cannot think of a single woman who I might consider a heroine or role-model of mine that became that person by being selfish. Christ served, and I find that when my focus is on Christ this is so much easier to do.

I hope this post has encouraged you all to gain a refreshed vision for what the 21st Century woman looks like. It’s up to us as individuals to be changed and then cause change; may it be a spark to begin a chain reaction. God bless you all, and may you draw closer to Him!

In Christ,

~ Kate