What’s up?

Hey girls!! Its been a while, I know. Not that you have had a chance to experience a lack of diversion! Wow, the media, the government, and individuals like us all around the world have certainly had a roller coaster ride in the last few months! I still have trouble wrapping my mind about how … Continue reading What’s up?

And We’re Back!

Hey girls! We're back in our home country once again! The first thing I did across the border was take a long, deep breath of Canadian air. Colorado landscape is spectacular, but I was missing the expansive prairie with its wide-open sky. 😉 That said, our time with Ellerslie was rich indeed. We went down with anticipation … Continue reading And We’re Back!

A Big Mean Word

Hi there! Yep. It's out there, a big mean word that often brings the connotation of inconvenience, hard lessons, and down-to-earth-work. Enter discipline. (Did I just see you cringe?) 😉 Definition according to the online Meriam Webster's Dictionary... Discipline: a) control gained by enforcing obedience or order. b)orderly or prescribed conduct or pattern of behavior … Continue reading A Big Mean Word