I love symbolism, as a person who loves anything artsy or creative I love spotting symbolism in places it maybe wasn’t even meant…but it still sends a message. I’m not sure if Jen and I ever told you about the necklaces we were given on our 18th birthday.

I was a little torn when receiving it because I had to take off a different necklace that had immense meaning for me. Now I’ve finally compromised and decided that – who says you can’t wear two necklaces at a time? Why has it been nearly 2 years for me to figure that out?!

The first necklace I had was the prism one on the righted the picture. To me it was like a diamond that was the picture of the following quote:

We ourselves are “saved to save” – we are made to give- to let everything go if only we have more to give. The pebble takes in the rays of light that fall on it, but the diamond flashes them out again: every little facet is means, not simply drinking more in, but of giving more out.” – Lilias Trotter Parables

This is the quote that actually inspired the gems of femininity theme along with the Above Rubies concept.

The second necklace, a gift from my Dad is a heart on a chain, but the heart has a key hole. Daddy has the key and is keeping it safe. It’s a symbolism of him protecting and guiding me as my father, until one day when such is done by my husband, then possession of the key will transfer. In the meantime my heart isn’t being thrown about from person to person, Dad is holding me accountable and I am trusting him concerning it.

And now that I’ve finished taking a picture of the necklaces, I shall put them back on. ☺️ Do any of you have an accessory or symbolism piece that reminds you of something special?

Hope you are all having a lovely week,

With love, Kathleen

ps. Did I mention that I also love wearing anklets? To me they are a reminder of my servant hood – my chosen ‘slavery’ to Christ. For in serving Him I have freedom and life. It’s a helpful reminder of who I am. ♥️