About Us

We are so excited to meet you!  We are just two young Canadian Prairie girls who love to learn, laugh and share the vision of true femininity, which finds it’s only purpose in Christ. Here on Gems of Femininity we are eager to share what we are learning on this journey in life. 

Cheering you on!

                                                                                       Kate & Jen 🙂 

IMG_6997.jpg Kathleen’s interests include music, art, baking, theology, politics, and much more! Few things are as special as the long walks & canoeing we do together, discussing all we’re learning and thinking on. Yet even more than this, is her desire for Jesus and her growing delight in Him. Realising the joy of serving and living for Him in audacious devotion. He is Worthy!

Jenny’s interests include reading, dogs, movies, coffee and good ol’ talks. A book in one hand and a mug in the other, IMG_E7003Jenny is set to go for the rest of the day! Except for the fact she’ll want to enjoy a good walking discussion with a sister… or an ever listening dog (man’s best friend- right?) Jenny also loves lively conversations around the table, and yes, she revels in starting a mock debate with Kathleen (iron sharpens iron, right? 😉 ).