My Top Ten Favourite Girl Books

Hey there girls!

I did a post about why I purged my bookshelf and figured that I should let you know which books were first to land in their place. 😉 I love books that push me deeper into my walk with the Lord, so though these books are not a pleasure read in the common sense of the word, I find their challenging message so refreshing. So, here are the top ten books that I think every girl should read!

  1. Its Not That Complicated – Anna Sophia and Elizabeth Botkin (yes, yes yes, READ it!)
  2. Sacred Singleness – Leslie Ludy (this book was world rocking for me)
  3. True Womanhood 101: Divine Design – Mary Kassian and Nancy Leigh DeMoss
  4. Tramp for the Lord – Corrie ten Boom
  5. Mrs. Oswald Chambers: The Woman behind the World’s Bestselling Devotional  – Michelle Ule
  6. The Small Woman – Alan Burgess
  7. Set-Apart Femininity – Leslie Ludy
  8. In my Father’s House – Corrie ten Boom
  9. Calvary Love – Amy Carmichael
  10. Beautiful in God’s Eyes – Elizabeth George (she has amazing resources!)

Well, there you have it, those are Jen’s top ten FAVOURITE books. When I need encouragement, clarification, or conviction (gulp, yes, I do sometimes read for that purpose!), those ten cannons are ready to give me what I need.

Happy Reading! What is your top favorite book to read?

God Bless,



3 thoughts on “My Top Ten Favourite Girl Books

  1. whatdinnywore says:

    Great recommendations! I’ve read Calvary Love and ouch! it’s a great one! 😉 I also love Mere Christianity- especially the chapter on Pride/Humility. So good + convicting!
    Hope you are enjoying Ellerslie!
    love in Christ,

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