Hi friends!

I started reading Eric Ludy’s book God’s gift to women; it was primarily written for guys but it came recommended and I found the audio book and hoopla…. shovelling snow just became more interesting. 😉 It’s not an easy read, and although I could use it to be disgusted at what Eric presents as the average guy… I felt convicted; really, we’re all guilty. For the girls, I just want to say that it is so important that we do not run-down masculinity, why would it want to be around constant criticism? For the guys, if your reading this, I want to give a shout out to those who are aspiring and loving genuine manhood. Those men who are true warrior poets, gentlemen and dauntless; especially against the fearsome waves of feminism. You are appreciated and I just want to encourage you to seek Jesus and realize that true masculinity comes through Him alone.

“It takes God to be a man! Man, that is as God intended man to be; God crested man to be inhabited by God for God!”

I forget who’s quote that is, probably Eric Ludy..?

God bless you all,