Hi Friends!

Recently I came across and article that was targeting Christianity for saying that we claimed love but if you ‘look a few verses down that this “loving God” is judging and sending people to Hell”’ So I had some thoughts…

Everyone seems to fear the idea that God would judge and send people to hell… the truth is that He is just and loving enough to give us the choice; He doesn’t want slaves to pretend they love Him. He wants a relationship based on love. What is love if it is not chosen? What is justice if crime is not punished? The point of Heaven is about our relationship with Him, and for those that dont want that; they don’t have to end up there. It’s a choice we have been given.

I’m a Christian. I still struggle but I know I have never known the true meaning of love more than I do now. Love gives its own life, is not self focused, love is patient and kind. Before I was a Christian my view was very humanistic and I understand the struggle of understanding love and God. Yet I’ve never seen a more perfect picture of love than of Jesus who in His perfection and holiness, died to save a soul he loved… even when it wouldn’t necessarily love or accept His sacrifice. That soul is my soul. That soul is your soul. He offers you a choice, how can you say no?

God bless,