Just a few Great Books for the Gals

Jenny and I both love books, although I think Jenny has definitely beat me for the number of books read. Here’s a few books that have really encouraged us both in our walk as we seek to be Biblical young women;

So Much More– Anna Sofia & Elizabeth Botkin

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this yet, but this would be on of the first recommended books for my fellow young-women. My sisters have already suffered my begging them to read it 😉 This book revolutionized the way I saw my place as a daughter & young woman, it helped give me a vision for what Biblical womanhood is all about. This book especially covers details about the daughter’s position at home and her relationship with her father. Anna Sofia & Elizabeth intelligently address the challenges facing girls today and what it is we are supposed to be doing in accordance with God’s word.

Before you meet Prince Charming- a guide to radiant purity– Sarah Mally

This was one of my more recent reads, it’s such an encouragement for those girls who seek to be princesses of purity & daughters of God. Also added to my list of favourites!

Sacred Singleness– Leslie Ludy

This book gives great insight into how to live a fulfilled & contented life as  a single young woman, to find fulfillment in Christ is #1 for singles & also marriage.

Choosing Gratitude– Nancy-Leigh Demoss 

Convicting & encouraging. Yep, you can’t read this book without realising afresh the goodness of God. Choosing gratitude is a book that reminded me of the joy found in Christ. This book is great for women of all ages 🙂


Stepping Heavenward – Mrs. E Prentiss

Now for a good fiction book, this book, written in diary style is not your typical romance novel but rather you’ll find yourself challenged as you go through different situations with the main character. Kate (that’s the main character…not me :D) is a young woman with dreams of her own but as she lays those dreams down, one by one to choose God’s will, she grows in maturity, and records the work of God in her life. You’ll love watching how God changes her heart to become an admirable godly woman <3

Well, that’s all for now, enjoy reading!