Femininity in Person

Hi there!

This last while we have defined Biblical femininity in its truly powerful and priceless nature, and have gone through some practicals that are a key part of really living it.

But where is she really?

The woman that is praised, defined and alluded to in the Bible. The woman that we girls can spot and say “Oh, look, there’s Biblical Femininity.” If we did, what would this mysterious woman look like, what would she say, what would she be doing, would she wear pants or potato sacks, would she be married? (Please don’t have a panic attack!) 😉

The fact is, there is no living person who embodies “Biblical Femininity” (I mean, that would be a mouthful of a name, eh?). The only role models we are given in scripture are the Proverbs 31 and aspects of different historical characters.

I guess what I’m trying to say is this: if you are looking for the perfect woman before you can start practicing Biblical femininity, you are never going to be the woman God designed you to be.

It’s really that simple. We are responsible for ourselves alone. We are held accountable for what we do with the information, talents, assignments, and relationships around us. To put off the responsibility until “she” comes along is futile and selfish. (Even worse, if you put off these qualities until “he” shows up!!) Waiting for the perfect woman to pattern after is not going to happen on this side of heaven!

So, with that said, we can look to women around us and women throughout history to glean inspiration, wisdom, guidance, correction, and yes, even the vision of what Biblical Femininity is all about. These women, for example, have been extremely influential in my life:

  • Deborah – strong, confident, and supportive (Judges 4)
  • Abigal – quick-thinking, tactful, and respectful  (1 Samuel 25)
  • Esther – obedient, courageous and respectful  (Esther)
  • Ruth – diligent, loyal, and selfless (Ruth)
  • Mary the mother of Jesus – surrendered, discretionary, and humble (Matt. 1:18-23, Luke 1:26-56, 2)
  • Mary the sister of Lazarus – loving, devoted, and trusting (Luke 10:38-42 John 11:1-45, John 12:-1-8)
  • Dorcas – compassionate, generous, and industrious (Acts 9:39-43)
  • Phebe – steady, reliable and diligent (Romans 16:1-2)

And I’ve only listed women from the Bible! There are many other women who have shaped my view of Christ-centered femininity:

  • Vibia Perpetua – an early church martyr
  • Elizabeth fry – a young wife and mother who reformed prisons across Europe
  • Lilias Trotter – a blossoming artist who gave up fame for ministry in Algeria
  • Amy Carmichael – a woman who ministered to abused Indian children
  • Gladys Aylward – a tiny yet fearless woman who trekked one hundred children through the wilderness of war-torn China
  • Darlene Diebler Rose – A young wife and missionary to Papua New Guinea who became a captive to the Japanese during WWII
  • Corrie and Besty Ten Boom – Dutch sisters who suffered yet triumphed in Nazi concentration camps
  • Sabina Wurmbrand – a young wife and mother who was arrested under Communist Romania
  • Jackie Pullinger – a girl who gave up her dreams to reach out to the dirty, destitute and deprived people of the “Walled City of China”
  • Elizabeth Elliot – a determined woman who faced the death of her husband with forgiveness and a desire to serve those who had murdered him

So, who needs the perfect role model of Biblical Femininity when we have “such a great cloud of witnesses” to inspire, teach and guide us? These women were like us in every humanly way and yet the life of Christ is so evident in their lives! Also, these women were of the past, add to the list the women living around us!

Yes, the path may be a seldom followed one. The way may seem rough and rocky. But the Bible’s pattern for femininity is by no means impossible or impracticable. Through Christ’s infilling spirit, we can live fully the lives that He has laid out for us. The women of the Bible did so, women throughout history have done so. Women around us are doing so! We have no excuse or reason for why you and I can’t do so as well.

Biblical femininity is a call for all of us. I would encourage you to study women who have lived this Christ-centered life. I listed several, but there are many, many more! Their stories (and they have some pretty spectacular stories!) will challenge you. But they will also inspire you. Take their lessons to heart and then live them out. Remember, we are on this journey together – and I can’t wait to see where it takes us!

In Christ,