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Do any of you girls have a word for the year? How is it coming? I told you all I’d get back to you on my own, so here I am! 😀

~ Delight ~

My word for the year: Delight.  Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten it! Every morning now I open up to Psalms 37 (a wonderful psalm!!!!)  and I am freshly reminded what it is to live joyfully committed, which comes from no other source than delighting in my God.

What a difference it makes, when my attention is diverted to my own thoughts and concerns vs. God. It can really make the difference between despair or joy & hope.  If you read into Psalms 37: 3- 7 you’ll get a picture of what we might consider the joy-filled life:

  •   Dwelling in the land with satisfaction
  •  Desires fulfilled
  •  Your way being established
  • Your righteousness coming forth like the dawn

Now, when I read this I had to see whether or not I would delight in God to have a better life (which isn’t how it works) or if as I delight in God I would find fulfillment in Him. Pleasing God doesn’t mean that He’s going to do all this for you. Rather, it is God’s love and grace, having nothing to do with our own works. I think this is important, because if you try to delight in God, working your own merit in for bonuses and confirmation of salvation…. then your going to end up hopeless, and you won’t be able to Delight in God either. Even so, in these same verses the psalmest precedes each of these blessings with a relationship aspect:

Trust in the Lord… Delight thyself also in the Lord… Commit thy way unto the Lord… Rest in the Lord

   Please, don’t think I am giving you a formula for ‘God’s blessings’, this is precisely what I think is wrong! This is the point of Delight; when you delight in God it won’t be a bad relationship wherein you use God; doing what pleases Him to get things from Him. This is such an easy lie to believe as it comes in so many different ways; health & wealth theology, legalism, or the simply idea of living for Christ so you can ‘live the best life now’.

The idea that pleasing God will give eternal security has been an easy lie to believe & a faithful stumbling block. From personal experience, the only time I am actually delighting in God as I please Him, is when it is a natural outflow of my relationship and love for Him. Choosing to obey Him as an effort to gain His approval will never work , and only ends in despair.

Do you try to earn his Grace by obeying Him or do you obey Him as a natural outflow of His grace?

 That question has really transformed my outlook. I am so grateful that I don’t have to make myself a good Christian, I don’t have to fulfill the law (Jesus did), but I will end up obeying Him, with the focus entirely different: In love and grace my relationship with the Lord will inevitably bear the fruit of the spirit which in turn I’ll be obeying the Lord. Christ vs. Law ; which way is to God? Well, Jesus said “I am the way the truth and the life, no man comes to the Father but by me.” Hallelujah! Just thinking about it makes me so thankful and joyful; what an amazing God to delight in!

 God Bless you all, knowing I’m praying for you girls!


” …. He must increase, but I must decrease.” – John 3: 30

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  1. Leona says:

    This post was so encouraging!! What a great reminder! I do need to work on delighting in God. Thank you!

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