Creative Ways to Study the Bible

Hey there!

The other day, I encouraged you all to read the Bible and really, really get into it. That can be a tough commitment. Especially if you are slugging through Leviticus!

So…here are some neat ideas on how you can study the Bible with a fresh start.

  1. Try a new translation: This can give a new spin on things you have glossed over previously and can illuminate sections that may have seemed confusing
  2. Get an Audio Book: Listening to Scripture while doing the mundane things can help you maintain focus (Personally, I really enjoy listening to the dramatized version called The Word of Promise)
  3. Play with speeds: You could take the number of pages of your Bible and divide it by the number of days you want to read it in and stick to the schedule. You never know how much you can cover in just 30 minutes! Or, pick a single book of the Bible and read it over and over for a few weeks to get a deeper look.
  4. Journal: I find this a great help. Journaling and recording what you have been learning and studying can really cement concepts and enable you to evaluate your relationship with God through His Word.

Now, here are a couple neat reading schedules for getting a bird’s eye view of Scripture:

  1. Two Bookmarks Style: For as much time as you can, sit down and read in the Old Testament, starting in Genesis. Place a bookmark to mark the place you finished. The next day, grab another bookmark and read in the New Testament, starting in Matthew. Read for as long as you can, then place a bookmark where you stopped. Continue this pattern and you’ll find some neat patterns and correlations between the old and new covenants.
  2. Weekly diet:  A Monday-Saturday schedule where each day brings a new genre!
    • Monday: Law (Genesis – Deuteronomy)
    • Tuesday: History (Joshua – Esther)
    • Wednesday: Poetry (Job – Songs of Solomon)
    • Thursday: Prophets (Isaiah – Malachi)
    • Friday: Gospels (Matthew – John)
    • Saturday: Epistles (Acts-Revelation)
    • Sunday: Time for re-studying and reflecting on what you read and learned throughout the week.

Finally, nothing can take the place of a focused, open, and seeking heart. Be committed. And remember, girls, I’m walking the road with you! It is guaranteed to be a life-changing journey!

“A readiness to believe every promise implicitly, to obey every command unhesitatingly, to stand perfect and complete in all the will of God, is the only true spirit of Bible study.”
– Andrew Murray –

If you would like to look further into this topic, I strongly recommend you check out this link where you can browse hundreds of tips and advice on how to Study God’s Word Deeper.

In Christ,