What’s up?

Hey girls!! Its been a while, I know. Not that you have had a chance to experience a lack of diversion! Wow, the media, the government, and individuals like us all around the world have certainly had a roller coaster ride in the last few months! I still have trouble wrapping my mind about how … Continue reading What’s up?

Waiting on God

I think this is a topic that everyone may be thinking about in whatever stage of life they are in. We all have expectations and hopes. What is waiting anyhow? I love how the Webster's 1828 has two definitions for this: WAITING: participle present tense Staying in expectation. or  WAITING ON: attending; accompanying; serving. Often … Continue reading Waiting on God

Where are you?

Hey friends! I wanted to share a quote with you, this has challenged me and I hope it changes us both. Try reading it first as it is, then try reading it replacing the 'young men and women' with your name.... make it personal. I know it refers mostly to men, but the Christ is … Continue reading Where are you?