Book Review: The Pastor’s Wife

Richard & Sabina

Hi everyone!

Yesterday I finished reading this wonderful book! It’s the true story of a Jewish woman in communist Romania. Having survived the Nazi regime she and her husband were faced with even worse trials under Stalin’s dictatorship.

Sabina has always been one of my heroines, she was the moment I heard about the story where her husband was invited to a pastor’s conference. The communist government arranged a « congress of cults » where they met religious leaders from all around the country. They were there to take control of the various churches, making them swear loyalty to the atheistic government. As other religious leaders swore and extolled the « virtues of communism » Sabina and Richard were disgusted. How could Richard swear allegiance to a party who sought to squash the church and persecute God out of the souls of its citizens? Christianity and Communism were not comptable.

Here was when Sabina loved God more than anything, even her husband. She bravely told Richard to » Stand up and wash away this shame from the face of Christ. »

« If I do, you’ll lose your husband. » he replied

« I don’t wish to have a coward as a husband. » and when she said that she had no idea that she would indeed lose him for 13.5 years total (at least). Even so, throughout the years she stayed the course she chose when she uttered those words and even ended up in prison herself.

In the end, I give this book 5 stars, in a world that wants to erase God’s existence I find it immensely helpful to read about the lives of Believers who withstood the communist regime. If you end up reading it, don’t forget about our brothers and sisters in Christ who are still under such a rule in various communist countries. They pray for us everyday and the least we can do is return the favour.

God bless!


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    • Kate says:

      I have as well and can’t wait to read more books. I have a book – Moscow’s Bible – by Richard Wurmbrand and am looking forward to reading that as well! 😄 thanks for sharing your thoughts Catelyn! ♥️

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