Are you rejecting Hope?

Dear Friend,

It seemed an irony, when I was given a new name: Hope. My life seemed to me like only the dregs of God’s creation, and I had come to believe that… I lived in shame. Perhaps you did or didn’t have a past that brought you to that point, but it was so real for me. God seemed so distant, and although I never denied His existence I figured that He’d be wanting something a lot better than myself.

Yet, God has put in each of us a desire to have a greater purpose and hope, and I praise the Lord for the prayers that were said on my behalf, often I had no idea. I still remember the day I found out about an old friend who had been praying for me, and I never found out until they had died… when I hadn’t seen or heard from them for years, they had still continued praying for me?! I just broke down and cried. Truth is, that the Lord continues to pursue lost souls, it is the broken that He desires and loves. It is His spirit that drives us to find out the truth; that reveals the truth to us.

For a good while I had been denying reality, the lingering hope in me had turned to fantasy, maybe I could at least find something to live for, in that? I would plead with you if I could, to consider what God has done in your life; if you are that person who has always needed purpose and hope… it is found only in Jesus!

 The sinner is the one that Jesus came to save; He came to be a hope for the hopeless, a purpose for the dreamer, the lover of your soul

 How beautiful is that?! Jesus declared to one, much like myself, to ‘go and sin no more’, He offered her a life and a love that none other before had actually been able to fulfill. I read this passage and I felt His voice calling me….

How could I do it though? can’t do it! 

Religion says do, but Christ already did. To be a Christian is to be entirely His, to know Him. Humble yourself before Him, fall at His feet and claim the mercy that He gives freely! His word says;

” Ask and it shall be given to you, seek and ye shall find, knock and the door shall be opened unto you.” Matthew 7:7


Here is a song I find so beautifully captures even a small bit of this amazing truth, give it a listen, (and don’t bother watching it, close your eyes and just listen 😉 : All I have is Christ

I love to share this with you all, and truth be told I cannot tell where to begin and even  more so, where to end, as our God is so much bigger than my soul knows or words can tell. I challenge you though, if this song isn’t true for you. It can be, God’s grace and saving hand is so much more powerful, no darkness or rejection on our part could even compare.

With love,



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