And We’re Back!

Hey girls!

We’re back in our home country once again! The first thing I did across the border was take a long, deep breath of Canadian air. Colorado landscape is spectacular, but I was missing the expansive prairie with its wide-open sky. 😉

That said, our time with Ellerslie was rich indeed. We went down with anticipation of growing in a fuller and deeper relationship with Christ and oh, may I say, we were thrilled with what we encountered! I think I speak for both of us when I say that we strongly recommend that you all prayerfully consider the possibility of experiencing it for yourself! Pssst. It doesn’t mean you have to be gone for a summer! Check it out.

I think the #1 thing I loved was the marked intentionality of those weeks. Students and teachers alike had one focus and we strove together in that common goal – to know Jesus more. Together, we were challenged, encouraged and strengthened through each day. There is an amazing power when people from all over the world, from a wide spectrum of backgrounds, cultures, and ages are unified with one focus! 

Girls, if you are looking for a place to be kindled anew in your relationship with Jesus or simply want to find a Christianity that works, I say, take a peek at Ellerslie!

With our return 😉 more blog posts will be on the way! We’re looking forward to sharing more tidbits and thoughts with you!




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      Hi Sharon!
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