A Well-Ordered Life

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With spring… hopefully on the way, and schedule changes arising, Jen and I have been working on finishing courses , and getting ready for spring clean-up… and finishing a few other things too. When I was younger, I was the one Mom had to always remind to clean up my desk. Since then I’ve vacillated between  a casual (so long as it’s not too messy) and then reading tons about organizing, cleaning up, scheduling etc. Yes, I have caused terror in the hearts of my sisters as I gut out the closet, bring out brooms and buckets of water. Balance… I need balance!

One thing that you won’t find much in modern art is the idea that organization is beautiful. Somehow chaos has become cool, and a splash of ‘whatever’ here and there is called beautiful creativity. Although it’s been long in coming, I’ve discovered that God (the author, poet and artist of all) is orderly, in fact He even created math!  Can you guess my regard for the beloved subject arithmetic? 😉  Order, math, art and beauty all come from one person- that is God Himself. The spirit of God can make any castle, any dungeon or desert beautiful; it can become a sanctuary of peace.

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~ Elizabeth Elliot ~

Here’s just a few ways that I find helpful to live a well-ordered life;

  1.  Define your priorities – Knowing who you are, what you value and why will really help you know what to spend time, money and energy on. Then write out how you spend your day, are your priorities in where they should be?
  2.  Start the day with prayer  Honestly it makes such a difference if I start the day for Christ than rather for myself, when I give the day back to Him and then remember not to waste it! Time does not resurrect.
  3.  Get Moving! With this in mind, get in at least a little bit of exercise. For myself a day beginning with me lazily strolling about vs. getting some action in can make the difference between a wasted or a well-lived day.
  4. Keep a to-do list: I like to keep a list of what I hope to do this year… then I categorize for the month, then week and also daily. Once I divide all the ‘to-do’s’ down to the daily, I high-light 3 things that I especially want to get done, then go-on from there. When I can get a big picture divided up like this it helps keep me motivated.

Hope this helps; I guess it’s high-time I refocus and make myself a vessel ready for the Master’s use. The aforementioned tips are really what help me keep the balance I seem to lose, and truly it’s not because the tips don’t work. It’s when I allow myself to get distracted with things that don’t really matter– When I don’t prioritize what matters to God because I “don’t have time for it” – sounds awful. So rather than tripping over all that clutter in our life that’s making us stumble and crash our way through life, let’s get ready to meet it with a bound in our step! Shall we? 🙂

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