A Scary Lie About Sharing Your Testimony

Hey girls!

You know what you should say, but your mind goes blank and your tongue hangs dry in your mouth.  Why even try? This isn’t the right time. They wouldn’t find it interesting. Who would hear me out? Time and again, we close our mouths and silence our conscience with those excuses we have become so familiar with. Yep. Been there, done that. Today, I want to bomb blast the #1 scary lie about sharing your testimony.

I know in the past I shirked from the thought of sharing my testimony, feeling like it was…too normal? I didn’t do anything crazy, hadn’t been involved in any “bad” stuff, and there wasn’t a sniff of drama in the entire thing. No drugs, smoking, drinking, daring exploits, jail time, or anything remotely interesting. What good is a soul-rocking testimony if you don’t have any wide-eyed listeners? Nope. It was just too normal.

Then, this truth blasted through that “logic”. Sure, you might have a very “normal” testimony void of drama and plot twists, but most of the people you will talk to are just that – normal. 

That caused me to rethink the “my testimony’s so boring” mentality. I saw the lack of gratefulness I had for God’s work in my life, the carelessness with which I treated the treasure that had been given me as a gift. God doesn’t see my testimony as boring, it has immense value, because it is between Him and I. It is intensely personnel; my relationship with the God of the universe. No one can take it, no one can refute it, and no one else can experience it. It’s all about God’s singular focus on me. He died so that I could have this. Now, you want to call that boring?!

Did you know that people are constantly sharing their testimonies? Bloggers especially so. That will make you think for a second. In fact, I incidentally just shared a testimony. I walked you through a revelation I had that changed me. That’s a testimony.

In Christianese (a made-up word for those of you who are now vainly searching the dictionary 😉 ), we understand a testimony to be the retelling of your salvation story; how you came to the knowledge of your sin, understood the just punishment as eternal death in hell, repented of those same sins, asked the Lord for forgiveness, and now by the infilling work of the Holy Spirit, you can live a triumphant life in this world and look forward to an eternal life after death. (Romans 3:23, Hebrews 9:22, John 3:16, 1 John 1:9, Psalms 103:12, Romans 8:11, 1 Corinthians 10:13, & Jude 24)

That process is a miracle for every single person. There is no way that such a beautiful story of redemption and salvation could be boring.

Now, bomb blast #2. “No one wants to hear it.” “Who would hear me out?”

Truth: If you sense that you are being prompted to share your testimony, most likely you should! You have no idea what might be going on the other person’s life right now. But God does. Perhaps you were put just at the time in that person’s life to share. Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. If sharing your testimony with that person is what has been put in front of you – do it. God always gains the glory for when His children obey Him in sharing His work in their lives.

Well, that’s about it for today, girls! Don’t worry – I’m going to follow this one up with my own testimony. 🙂 Since you all have been so great to read through this, please feel free to share any thoughts or questions you have!

God bless you all as we begin a new week!

Love Jen

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