4 Life Changing Resources

Hey Girls!

When I became a Christian, I remember message asking God to help me understand how to live and grow in Christ. He’s been faithful and there were brought across my radar some amazing Christian resources that have been exceedingly instrumental in my walk with the Lord. Of course, the Bible is the ultimate, and really we don’t need anything beyond that. Even so, I would highly recommend checking these out, I can’t say enough for how they challenged me in my walk with the Lord as a woman of Biblical femininity.


From podcasts, videos, sermons, books, magazines, discipleship and more, Ellerslie’s Brave hearted Ministry has not only impacted me but my whole family. Eric Ludy enjoys the term ‘Bringing back the majesty of Christianity”. Each season now I enjoy getting one of their Set Apart Girl magazines in the mail, they share practical and challenging advice for girls on Christianity and Femininity -what more could I ask for?! 😀

P.S. Check out their podcasts- they’re perfect for listening to while making meals or doing laundry 😉

2- Creation Ministries  

I am definitely not a science person, but I have always had a soft spot for dinosaurs and I really enjoy rock collecting/ geology so I’ve had my run in’s with evolution vs. creationism. Creation Ministries has amazing (and easy to understand) content on this topic. And because we’re talking origins here I’ll also mention that Answers in Genesis is another helpful resource; they have been very informative and helpful in equipping Christian to “being ready to give an answer” 

3- Living Waters

Jenny and I have taken their School of Biblical Evangelism course, recently actually. What I loved best about this was how it equipped us to be ready to share the gospel and more importantly, it showed us why and gave us the heart to do it. I would strongly encourage you to try the course yourself, and there’s a bonus- you get to have an Evidence Bible upon completion!

4- A&E Botkin Resources

And last, but not least, the Botkin sisters have had more impact on me than they’ll ever know. I really appreciate their true desire for living in a Biblical and feminine way- no compromise allowed. I did a post earlier on their book It’s Not that Complicated and shared some things I learned from it. I’ve also taken their Reclaiming Beauty course, although I enjoyed it so much I sped through it, so I’m hoping to take it at a slower pace with my mentee sometime soon.

Well, girls, that’s all for now. Are any of you familiar with any of these resources? Well, I hope you’re inspired to be active about your discipleship and development as a Christian. 😉 Time, money and energy- it’s so worth giving for a vibrant and productive life in Christ. Many blessings on your summer days!

<3 Kate