I love symbolism, as a person who loves anything artsy or creative I love spotting symbolism in places it maybe wasn’t even meant...but it still sends a message. I’m not sure if Jen and I ever told you about the necklaces we were given on our 18th birthday. I was a little torn when receiving … Continue reading Symbolize


Hi Friends! Recently I came across and article that was targeting Christianity for saying that we claimed love but if you ‘look a few verses down that this “loving God” is judging and sending people to Hell”’ So I had some thoughts... Everyone seems to fear the idea that God would judge and send people … Continue reading Love

When it hurts

I’m so thankful for warmer weather, I’m back to my morning walks. I feel so much closer to God, and His voice talks to me the most then. Lately I was thinking about pain... wether it be situational or because of a person. I felt God tell me that perhaps the situation had nothing to … Continue reading When it hurts

A Question

Hi everyone! Jen and I have been blogging for well over a new year now... or is it two? In any case; I was hoping to hear from you all and ask if you had any particular topic or questions that you wanted us to post on. We can make a Q&A and other blog … Continue reading A Question


Hi friends! I started reading Eric Ludy’s book God’s gift to women; it was primarily written for guys but it came recommended and I found the audio book and hoopla.... shovelling snow just became more interesting. 😉 It’s not an easy read, and although I could use it to be disgusted at what Eric presents … Continue reading Masculinity

What’s up?

Hey girls!! Its been a while, I know. Not that you have had a chance to experience a lack of diversion! Wow, the media, the government, and individuals like us all around the world have certainly had a roller coaster ride in the last few months! I still have trouble wrapping my mind about how … Continue reading What’s up?